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Mobile Van Services

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    Mobile Van Services

    We have 15 units Mobile Van services- Onsite maintenance facility provides the flexibility of minor repairs & preventive maintenance at the site ensuring the roadworthiness of all lease vehicles thereby saving your staff’s valuable time. We are first in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who brought this concept DOOR TO DOOR services in the market.

    Once each vehicle reach 10,000 km or 3 months whichever comes first, dispatcher send a request to Riyal maintenance office for its scheduled service along with a copy of the repair request showing vehicle information and odometer reading.

    We have awarded with appreciation letter for outstanding services in operation lease.

    Riyal is working on  the  guidelines of  ISO 9001:2015  for making continual  improvements  in our  quality  management  system   to maintain  an  effective  quality  assurance  system  complying  with the international  standards.