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Riyal Investment & Development Company (RIYAL MOTORS) is a rental car company in Saudi Arabia, established in 1993. Our service offerings are designed to ensure client flexibility, comfort, quality service and convenience.

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    Through a unique combination of Experience, Diversity and disciplines

    Company’s Vision


    Riyal fulfils the car leasing, car sales, automobile and commercial truck rental needs of our customers, while simultaneously exceeding their expectations for service, quality and value. We provide services to several multinational companies, as well as local based businesses that operate in various industries including oil and gas fields, petrochemicals, information technologies and contracting. The top of which is our client The Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco).

    Inspiration, Innovation & Opportunities

    Take advantage of our wide variety of service offerings; specifically tailored to your company’s needs. No matter your business type, we’ve got you covered.

    We endeavour to lead our area through establishing best in class service and achieving unparalleled customer satisfaction. Riyals mission is to excel at operational leasing services in accordance with the requirements and aspirations of the company’s clients.

    At Riyal Motors, we plan to continue our success in the rental car business through exceptional service and customer satisfaction. We strive to develop each employees abilities to raise their individual efficiency and directly exceed client expectations. Following behind the Saudi 2030 Vision initiative, we plan to expand our business through the introduction of new services within the operational leasing sector and continue to provide unparalleled service to our customers; who we consider our partners in success.

    Our services are spread throughout the entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our quality service is provided in the regions of: DAMMAM, JUBAIL, RIYADH, JEDDAH, RABIGH, MADINA, HARADH, YANBU, UMLUJ, JIZAN, SOIABA, TABUK, NEOM, TANAJIB and many other remote areas.

    Riyal Motors is in accordance with the guidelines of ISO 9001:2015 for their continual improvements in their quality management system and by maintaining effective quality assurance, in compliance with international standards.

    RIYAL operates according to ISO 9001:2015 standards.

    Long Contracts

    Professional Choices

    Unleashing our clients’ potential by maximizing the innovation.

    Long Contracts

    Professional Choices

    Unleashing our clients’ potential by maximizing the innovation.

    Our Values


    High level of integrity achieved through transparency and accountability in all our business dealings.

    Customer Satisfaction

    Exceeding our customers’ expectations is our #1 priority; realized through our highly trained staff and properly maintained vehicles.

    Value for the Money

    We aim to offer superior service to our clients at no extra fee.


    We treat each customer request with the highest priority and foster trustworthy relationships through our client focused mentality.

    Main Services

    Riyal Motors allows your business’ travel logistics to be fast, safe, accurate, and reach the entire Kingdom

    Lease Services

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    Rental Services

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    Drivers With Cars

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    After Sales Services

    Riyals allows your business and logistics to be fast, safe, accurate, and covering all kingdom

    Mobile Van Service

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    Petromin Services

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    Fuchs One Stop Solutions

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    Workshop Maintenance

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    Specialized Services

    Riyals allows your business and logistics to be fast, safe, accurate, and covering all kingdom

    Fixing Cooling System

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    Roll Over Bar

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    GPS Tracking System

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    Sectors We Serve

    Below you can find some of the sectors that we serve with our fleets

    • Oil and Gas
    • Energy
    • Petrochemicals
    • EPC
    • Logistics
    • Information Technology
    • Food & Beverages
    • Industrial
    • Information Technology

    Vehicle Types

    Below you can find some of the vehicle types that we serve within our fleets

    Our Networks

    We operate across the Kingdom, we’ve got you covered anywhere, any time

















    Khamis Mushait


    Our Success

    Satisfying customers and motivating employees has brought us growth and long-term profitability.

    Years of experience
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    Performance Reviews

    • Fastest Delivery of Vehicle
    • Fully G.C.C insurance coverage
    • Latest Technologies
    • Full Major & Minor Maintenance
    • Replacement vehicle in case of an accident or breakdown
    • Maintenance KM By KM
    • Safety Service / Accessories
    • Towing Assistance 24/h –7 days
    • Roadside Assistance 24/h –7 days
    • Fully free paperwork
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    Leading The Best Marketing Team

    Riyal offers the largest selection of car rental options with a fleet that consists of more than 3000 vehicles. Riyal’s location is in the heart of the oil and gas industry of Saudi Arabia, enabling us to provide access to training facilities for defensive driving courses and expertise in many areas, allowing the company’s team to be a one stop shop.

    The same repair request above is utilized and required for all non-scheduled vehicle maintenance, but troubleshooting of vehicle will be mentioned in the job card.

    If any vehicle included in the contract has been involved in an accident or incurred any damage and its repair will take more than 4 hours, a replacement vehicle will be provided.
    In cases of accidents, traffic police report or Najem report should be submitted along with the valid Saudi driving license of the driver.

    The same repair request above is utilized and required for all non-scheduled vehicle maintenance. The troubleshooting of a vehicle repair will be mentioned in the job card.

    Once a vehicle travels 10,000 km or reaches 3 months of use, a dispatcher must send a request to the Riyal maintenance office for its scheduled service, along with a copy of the repair request displaying the vehicles information and odometer reading.

    Once each vehicle reach 10,000 km or 3 months whichever comes first, dispatcher send a request to Riyal maintenance office for its scheduled service along with a copy of the repair request showing vehicle information and odometer reading.

    Local Offices

    We are covering all places for you, feel free to contact us anytime anywhere

    Toll Free Number

    Tel: +966 13 8370581
    Fax: +966 13 38375602

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    General Inquiries and Support